Thursday, June 24, 2010

Three About Me

I saw this in a friends blog that I follow (Thankfulness & Thoughtfulness), so I figured I'd play too! :-)

3 names I go by:

Sarah Lynn

3 places I have been (or 3 places that have been influential in my life):

Acupulco, Mexico
Hollywood, California
Honolulu, Hawaii

3 favorite drinks:

Diet Coke
Fuze Strawberry Melon
Diet Coke

3 jobs I have had:
Meijer Women's Department Person
City of Grand Rapids Parks and Recreation Administrative Assistant
Engineering Specialist

3 TV shows I watch:

Friends (re-runs)
Family Guy

3 places I would like to visit:

Italy (Venice, Rome, etc)
San Fransico, CA
Boston, Mass

3 favorite retro TV shows:
That 70's Show

3 places I have lived:

Jenison, MI
Allendale, MI
Grand Rapids (Walker/Standale), MI

3 favorite dishes:

Chicken and Brocolli with white rice
Orange Chicken from Cheesecake Factory
burgers on the grill in the summer (yum...)

3 things I am looking forward to:
Starting a family
Seeing Eclipse with my neighbors!
Making lots of sales in my Etsy shop AccessoryLove

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father’s Day to the greatest dad! I know most people think that their dad is the best, but my dad was truly amazing! I look back at everything he did for me, and I am incredibly grateful. I only wish I could tell him Thank You for those wonderful things to his face this Father’s Day.

Unfortunately, my dad passed away about 1 year and 3 months ago. This is the 2nd Father’s Day we’ve celebrated without my dad actually present. It definitely brings a different feel to this Hallmark holiday.

For us, it is now a time to remember our dad, and to be thankful of how wonderful he was.

Here are a few great memories of my dad I’d like to share:

When I was in elementary school, I can remember him taking me out of school in the middle of the day for a dentist appointment, or maybe it was an orthodontist appointment. After the appointment he would take me to lunch at McDonalds. At that age, getting McDonalds was a real treat!

I also remember a time when he went with me on a field trip to Chicago for my ACT class. I think I was in 4th or 5th grade at that time. He took the day off work, and we rode in a Greyhound bus to Chicago for the day. I think it was my first time ever going to Chicago. We went to Shedd Aquarium. We went to the Field Museum. We had lunch in the park. It was a day of just me and my dad. I can’t really remember the details of the day, but I still can’t believe he did that with me!

Other memories of my dad include him teaching me how to drive! I’m sure he enjoyed that… but not really… :-) To teach me about driving in the snow, he had me drive around in the high school parking lot before it had been plowed. The car I learned to drive in didn’t have anti-lock brakes. So he had me drive super fast (or what felt like super fast) across the lot and then slam on my brakes and try and turn the wheel. For anyone who’s driven in the snow, you all know that my car did not turn and continued to go in the direction I had been driving. He then had me repeat this little exercise and then pump my brakes and turn the wheel. This time, my car turned in the direction I wanted to go. I think that was a lesson I’ll never forget! :-)

Something I am so grateful for is that my dad was able to walk me down the aisle on my wedding day. I was very nervous and stressed out on my wedding day. I remember walking down the aisle, more like running down the aisle, and my dad said “I think we are supposed to walk slowly.” I said “Oh crap, that’s right!” We were already half way there, but we immediately changed our pace. I just find that so funny. That was my dad’s way of calming me down!

I have so many incredible memories of my dad, just too many to write about here. Even after a year, a day doesn’t go by that I don’t think about him and miss him. HAPPY FATHER’S DAY, DAD!