Monday, September 20, 2010

A New Name!

So, I was pretty sick of my old blog name... "Where I've Been, Where I'm At, and Where I'm Going"....

When I first started this blog, I thought I would have a lot of deep and meaningful stuff to say that would fit that name.  I thought it was going to be about the story of my life, and be incredibly interesting.  And while the blog is all about my life (it's a pretty self-centered blog :-P), it really isn't all that deep or meaningful...  Plus, I'd been told it was a long name on a few occasions, which it was...

So, I decided to change it up a bit! 

Welcome to "...And Then I Found Twenty Bucks!"

After reading some of my posts, I was like, "Wow... Good story... er, just kidding?"  In other words, they really aren't that interesting if you don't know me, or even if you do know me! 

They kind of made me feel like I needed to add the saying "...and then I found 20 bucks!"  to the end of them, just to make it that much more exciting!  :-)

So, that's how I got my new blog title.  I'm kind of making fun of myself and my super cool blog.  But that's OK.  I'm still going to blog about whatever random stuff I feel like blogging about.  Hopefully my topics and my writing will improve.  Hopefully I will interest some people.  But mostly, I'll continue to do it for fun, because I like to talk about myself!!!!  So, hopefully you like reading about me!

Enjoy! :-)

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