Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Pet Peeves

I get annoyed easily, therefore, I have A LOT of pet peeves! I try not to complain about them too much, but this one tops the list, and I really need to rant about it.

My NUMBER 1 pet peeve is when people bring their pet (typically a dog) with them to the grocery store or to run other errands, and then leave the dog in the car while they go in and shop away!

If you do this, can you please enlighten me as to WHY?!?!?

Do you really think cracking your window an inch, maybe 2, really makes it that much more comfortable in the car? Do you think that helps prevent the inside of your car from turning into an oven and baking your precious dog that you couldn’t leave at home for an hour while you grocery shop?!?!

The other day, Chaz and I were running errands and drove by one of those signs on a bank that said the temperature was 92 degrees Fahrenheit outside. We then park next to a pick up truck that has a dog in it, and the windows are cracked approximately 1 inch! Seriously?!?!? It’s unbearable to even be outside, let alone inside a car! Why would anyone do that????

So, maybe you agree that when it is 92 degrees out, you leave your pet at home. But even at 65 degrees, the inside of a car gets extremely warm. I challenge you to test it out. On the next mild temperature day, park you car outside, get in it, and crack your window an inch. See how long you last before you are drenched in sweat and miserable and ready to die… Could you make it 30 minutes, an hour? Then think about that the next time you consider bringing your pet with you just to leave in the car while you go do human activities.

If that doesn’t convince you, then try thinking of it this way… People insist on treating their pets like children, I admit that am included in this group. Would you ever leave your child in an oven-car with the window cracked? No! So don’t do it with your pets either!